There are a great variety of jars, but the commonly used clinically varieties are as follows:

pic1300 pic1301 pic1302

1)Bamboo jar: Cut down a section of bamboo 3-7cm in diameter and 8-10cm in length, forming a cylinder shaped as a drum. One end is used as the bottom, and the other as the opening. The rim of the jar is light, economical, easy to make and available in many places.?

2)Glass cup: Since the glass cup is transparent, the local congestion at the site for moxibustion can be seen so as to control the treatment.

3)Biomagnetic cupping set: These cups have the advantage of traditional cups, but without the use fire. The cups’ transparency allows the practitioner the ability to see the progression taking place inside the cup as time increases. It’s easy to manage the outcome effects of the negative pressure inside the cup with the hand pump and judge the optimal cupping time needed for each client’s respective condition.